About Us

CameraPoles.org was established in 2008 by a couple of engineers who worked in the manufacturing of various metal products for the automotive and lighting industry. Since inception, our goal has been to make life easier for security professionals by delivering quality products at great savings. With a complete selection of camera poles, camera mounting hardware and customization for customer specific projects we strive to meet our goal every day. While our headquarters is located in Palatine, Illinois, we ship from multiple warehouses across the country to help keep costs low and reduce the delivery time to you.

How are we different than others

  1. Products designed for your projects. Whether you are installing security cameras in Florida or Alaska, whether you are installing at damns, airports, railroads, refineries, prisons, schools, or in residential locations, we have the product selection and expertise to help you deliver your projects. We work with mission-critical projects every day.
  2. Savings: We pride our selves in providing the most cost effective camera hardware solutions in the country. We offer our pricing and product specifications online so you can easily compare and make decisions without having to talk to sales after making a ton of calls and requests to get simple information such as price.
  3. Warranty: We have the best warranty in the business. We offer a life-time warranty on most of our aluminum products. We want you to be satisfied with our products and make sure your project is taken care of; We will not shy away from providing a replacement product as soon as possible in case we shipped a defective product. Most importantly we want to make sure our relationship with all of our customers extends beyond the warranty on our products.
  4. Quick ship products: We know at times camera poles and hardware are required as fast as possible. For this reason, we offer a Quick Ship program where we keep the most commonly used products in 5 warehouses around the country and can ship in 3-5 business days.
  5. Project help: With camera installations, especially on poles there are issues around vibration and pole capacity. There are also concerns regarding what material to use, what profile the pole should have, and many other technical concerns. We provide free engineering services to make sure our product selections work for your project. We further offer custom made poles and hardware specifically designed for your project.
  6. Credentials and Trust: Instead of providing you with “Testimonials,” we tell you the world class organizations that use our products today.