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Square Hinged Poles -TILT DOWN

Pole Number HeightGaugeSquare D. Base D. Bolt CircleBolt ProjectionMax Weight
CPS08B4H8ft0.125"4"10.75"7.5-9"2"100 lb
CPS10B4H10ft0.125"4"10.75"7.5-9"2"100 lb
CPS12B4H12ft0.125"4"10.75"7.5-9"2"100 lb
CPS15B4H15ft0.125"4"10.75"7.5-9"2"100 lb
CPS18B4H18ft0.125"4"10.75"7.5-9"2"100 lb

These tilt-down poles give you the option to lower the devices without the need to reach them using a lift. They are aluminum and therefore light. They can be purchased in a variety of colors but mainly brushed aluminum. If you order any of the items listed below, they will be delivered in brushed aluminum. Each pole has unique specifications, for details please download the specification. Please give us a call if you have any questions.