Custom Camera Pole Request Form

We offer a variety of custom camera poles. Poles that are wall mounted. Poles for license plate reading. Poles that have custom dimensions of any kind. Please fill out the form below and upload a drawing if you have one. You can also always give us a call.

The profile of the poles can be round, square and round tapered. If you don't know please select "I am not sure"
Please specify the height of the pole.
Your choices are Natural Aluminum (for round or round tapered aluminum poles only), Dark Bronze, Black, White, Gray. If you require a specific color and have the color specification, please include them here. Or send us a color chip.
Please select from "Anchor Bolts", "Direct Burial" of "Wall Mount." If you are not sure please select "I am not sure" and we will make a recommendation.
We provide poles that tilt down from the hinges on the base of the pole. These types of poles make it easier to maintain the cameras when needed. You can see these on our site click here . These are aluminum poles and have both square and round profiles. We also provide steel poles that tilt down with a winch. click here to see details.
Please provide some details for the bracket, or browse the brackets we provide online. Click here. You can also upload a drawing, sketch or photo at the end of the form.
How many cameras will you mount on this pole? What is the weight of each camera?
The different States have different wind load requirements in addition to other environmental requirements. Knowing which State the camera pole will be installed will give us a better idea of what to offer.
You can provide any additional information or questions you might have here.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Please upload only pdf, doc, docx or jpg files.